Monday, July 15, 2013

Tinkerbella nana - టింకర్ బెల్లా నానా


Tinkerbella is a genus of fairy wasps, containing the single species T. nana from Costa Rica. It is one of the smallest known flying arthropods and belongs to the family Mymaridae. It was identified by a team led by John Huber at the Canadian National Collection of Insects and John Noyes at the Natural History Museum. Noyes collected it during a scientific expedition in the tropical forests of Costa Rica. Tinkerbella specimens have been added to the Museum collection of about 1.5 million wasps, which are used by researchers worldwide. The scientific description of Tinkerbella nana was published in the Journal of Hymenoptera Research. It was named after the fairy Tinker Bell in the 1904 play “Peter and Wendy” (a.k.a. "Peter Pan") by J.M. Barrie.Tinkerbella nana is 250 micrometres long - that's 2.5 times the width of a human hair.
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